Resistance is the Only Way Forward!


January 20, 2017

Contacts:  Berna Ellorin, ILPS-US,,  Bill Doares, ILPS-US,

Resistance is the Only Way Forward!

Resist Trump, Oligarchical Rule, Neo-Fascism, and War;

Unite to Smash Imperialism, Fight for Liberation, Build a Better Alternative!

As the new face of US imperialism is set to take office this January 20th, the broad masses of workers and the oppressed in the US are taking to the streets in protest. The US Chapter of the International League of Peoples Struggle (ILPS-US) remains steadfastly committed to building and strengthening the broad united front against imperialism from within the borders of the US. As the economic and social crisis in the US is set to worsen under a Trump presidency, the people’s resolve to resist monopoly capitalism and fight for a better alternative grows stronger.

Worsening Crisis and War: at Home and Abroad

As crisis is endemic to monopoly capitalism, the global economic crisis is set to worsen under a Trump presidency, most especially the crisis felt inside the US.

Trump’s appointments of his cronies to the US Cabinet, with a cumulative net worth of $14 billion, overtly exposes the oligarchic and reactionary character of US government. Each of his Cabinet appointments are millionaires and billionaires have little to no experience in public service and/or a demonstratively neoliberal policy agenda to intensify impoverishment and dispossession on the working class and oppressed peoples inside the US for the sake of securing the interests and superprofits of the US financial oligarchy.

To secure more superprofits, US monopoly capitalism will continue to aggressively expand itself as a global hegemonic power over the world’s raw materials, territories, markets, and peoples through greater war and militarism abroad. In order to achieve total seizure and control over the world’s natural resources such as oil and gold, US monopoly capitalism must rely on pumping up its military industrial complex to crush and annihilate national and social liberation movements abroad. A prime target is the Palestinian liberation movement and all nations of West Asia, including Syria, Iraq, Iran and Yemen who are fighting to secure the world’s largest oil deposits for the benefit of the peoples in the region. It must unleash endless war and militarism on the peoples of Asia, Africa, and Latin America fighting to defend the sovereignty and patrimony of their nations. It must impoverish other nations through war and neoliberal economic policies that channel cheap labor from poor nations to the US in search of a means of survival.

Currently, it must encircle and contain its competitors, Russia and China, by fanning the flames of propaganda, such as the CIA-orchestrated campaign to direct popular anger away from the ruling class and towards Russia. Both Democrats and Republicans have joined in the Hate Russia chorus, which aims to promote another imperialist war.

We won’t fall for it.

Fascism is Imperialism in Decay

To maintain its empire, US monopoly capitalism must deeply divide the working and oppressed peoples inside the US. It must rely on the historical structures of white supremacy, racism, and slavery built by capitalism to drive deep racial divisions among the people. It must sow xenophobia and Islamophobia to place the blame on immigrants and Muslims for the impacts of the crisis caused by capitalism.

It must use the corporate media as a tool to propagate this culture of division, and as an extension of its war and militarism abroad, it must beef up the militarization of the police, ICE, and other domestic state forces to suppress dissent and resistance as the crisis worsens.

The rise of neo-fascism across Europe and now more overtly under a Trump presidency indicates the untenable character of monopoly capitalism and the US ruling class. As the crisis worsens and the capitalist system sinks, the financial oligarchy must cling to power through violent suppression of the people. Fascist tactics set to worsen under Trump include the beefing up of the surveillance state, the criminalization of dissent, including international solidarity for national liberation struggles abroad against imperialism, political imprisonment and mass incarceration of the poor, including the detention and deportation of immigrants.

Liberation Rests on the Strength of the Broad Anti-Imperialist United Front

While waging life and death struggle for liberation, the peoples of the world have identified imperialism as their principal enemy and are uniting across borders through the spirit of international solidarity. The US Chapter of the International League of Peoples Struggle is contributing to the strengthening of a broad anti-imperialist movement from within the borders of the US to link with the broader anti-imperialist united front around the world.

Unity is key in resisting a Trump presidency and all it will unleash. Working class solidarity must be forged across racial, religious, and ethnic lines. We must not lose sight of the real enemy that wants to divide us here at home, and blind us from what it is doing to our sisters and brothers in other countries.

We are one with the striking workers in the workplaces, the indigenous peoples confronting the multinational corporations, the freedom-fighters battling US proxy armies and peoples armies waging people’s war for liberation. We are inspired that in waging struggle, the people are building concrete pro-people alternatives to capitalism all over the world.

We know our struggles are connected and that we have a world to win.

We know that a united resistance is the only way forward.

The International League of Peoples Struggle, or ILPS, is an anti-imperialist and democratic formation promoting, supporting, and developing the anti-imperialist and democratic struggles of the peoples of the world, including workers, women, youth, professionals, and other sectors of society against the ideological, political, military, social, and cultural domination and attacks of imperialism and reaction. With members spanning 6 continents in over 40 countries, the ILPS is the largest global formation of its kind. For more information, visit


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