Fight for Justice Beyond the Fascist, White Supremacist State! 

ILPS US Condemns the Not Guilty Verdict of Kyle Rittenhouse

ILPS US condemns the “not guilty” verdict of racist murderer Kyle Rittenhouse and the imperialist system that creates and perpetuates the existence of white supremacy, the likes of Kyle Rittenhouse and his fascist ilk. We call for continued action and movement building beyond the limitations of this rotten system to fight for genuine justice and liberation. 

After shooting three protesters and killing two of them at a protest during the George Floyd uprising in 2020, Kyle Rittenhouse walks away a free man today. Rittenhouse was found not guilty on five counts, including charges of first-degree reckless homicide, first-degree reckless endangerment, first-degree intentional homicide, and attempted first-degree intentional homicide.

This ruling is a signal to the fascist movement—that fascists can murder protestors without consequence.  The United States criminal “justice” system is developed to protect the interests of the imperialist ruling class. By killing those who supported the Black Lives Matter movement, Rittenhouse was acting in the interests of this group. 

The system exists to punish those who harm the interests of capital. For example, we recall the case of Joshua Williams, a Black youth in Missouri who was sentenced to 8 years in prison for allegedly lighting a fire during the Ferguson Uprising. We also remember the case of two NYC attorney-activists who are being tried as terrorists by the Biden administration. Even Black demonstrators outside the Kenosha courthouse were brutalized and arrested by the police for demanding justice for Rittenhouse’s victims and protesting the white supremacy of the U.S. criminal “justice” system. 

Meanwhile, Rittenhouse killed two people and severely wounded another and walked free, after a trial presided over by a racist judge who showed bias towards his cause. The judge even refused to hear evidence on Rittenhouse’s connection to the white nationalist group “Proud Boys.” It is clear that there is no people’s justice to be had from these enemy courts. A mass movement must be developed and deepened in every working class neighborhood to combat fascist violence on the streets and defend the people’s protests.

We must call for hate crime charges in federal court and demand that Rittenhouse be brought to justice. At the same time, we see clearly that the system will never concede to genuine justice and freedom. Not just the police, not just the prisons, but this entire empire is built on the blood and bones of the captive and the colonized. ILPS US calls on all anti-imperialist forces, especially working class and nationally oppressed people in the United States, to build and unite with grassroots organizations and build power in our communities to fight for people’s justice and ultimately the downfall of imperialism.


ILPS US Condemns Duterte Regime’s Terror Tagging of Activists & Demands Rejection of Presidential Spokesperson to the UN International Law Commission

ILPS US condemns the blatant lies of the regime of Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte in its desperate attempt to cling to power and pave the way for clearing Duterte and his cronies of the countless grave human rights violations committed by his administration. We call for the rejection of the Presidential spokesperson, Harry Roque, from his unscrupulous bid to be elected to the UN International Law Commission. We demand accountability for Roque’s crimes, as well as Duterte and his entire administration.

In a move to protect Duterte and his minions on the international front, presidential spokesperson Harry Roque has been nominated to the United Nations International Law Commission – an international body that helps develop and codify international law. If elected, he would make it even more difficult to charge fascist criminals like Duterte through the UN International Criminal Court and UN Human Rights Council.

The Duterte administration is currently under investigation by the International Criminal Court for “crimes against humanity” and has been mired in a number of corruption scandals linked to the gross mismanagement of public funds earmarked for pandemic relief and assistance. Amidst this corruption investigation, Harry Roque spent government funds to promote his candidacy to the UN ILC at an upscale midtown Manhattan restaurant last October 29. Activists with BAYAN USA, a member organization of ILPS US, effectively disrupted the cocktail party and humiliated Harry Roque in his desperate bid to impress UN representatives at the dinner. Roque has yet to respond to the protesters’ demand that the receipts from the dinner be released.

In the wake of this protest action, Harry Roque, pro-Duterte media outlets and the National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF-ELCAC) released statements to denounce the protests in New York. ILPS US was among the legitimate people’s organizations that were tagged as terrorists by the administration. We recognize this as a pathetic deflection tactic to distract the public from the real issues highlighted by the protest—the gross human rights violations, mismanagement of public funds, and criminal neglect and selling out of the Filipino people by the Duterte administration.

Throughout his administration, President Duterte has waged an all-out-war against his opponents. This repression picked up steam with the passage of the Anti-Terror Law and the National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF-ELCAC), a government formation established by Duterte that weaponized the Philippine civilian bureaucracy against his opponents. Even celebrities and prominent personalities like the first Olympic gold medalist for the Philippines – Hidilyn Diaz – have come under attack.

These McCarthyite tactics of the Duterte regime are tired counterinsurgency tactics borrowed from a shared reactionary playbook all over the world, many of which were learned from the U.S.–the Philippines’ colonial master since the early 1900s. In fact, current Philippine counterinsurgency operations were patterned after the U.S. Counterinsurgency Manual. From Indonesia’s Suharto to Colombia’s Duque, pointing fingers at righteous protesters and dissidents diverts the public’s attention from mass genocide and the plunder of ruling elites and multi-national corporations. Here in the US, Biden’s recent announcement on a National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism is an example of counterinsurgency against progressive activists in the name of protecting the public.

The ruling class constantly needs a scapegoat for its unsustainable practices under neoliberalism which disproportionately impact workers, peasants and indigenous people. History has shown us that no amount of state repression and terror-tagging will deter the masses from rising up against their oppressors. As long as the crisis of imperialism continues, so does our struggle to end it, for imperialists and their puppets are known to be the real terrorists against the people. Until imperialism is brought to a resolute end, people’s organizations like those in ILPS US will continue to unite and fight, unafraid and undeterred.

Help keep Roque out of the UN International Law Commission – a simple click will send out almost 190 letters and help get over 30,000 letters sent!

On the Anniversary of George Floyd’s Murder

One year after the murder of George Floyd, The International League of Peoples’ Struggle-US Chapter (ILPS-US) reaffirms our commitment to fighting against police crimes in the struggle for Black liberation. 

On May 25, 2020 – one year ago today – killer cop Derek Chauvin brutally murdered George Floyd, suffocating him by kneeling on his neck for nearly 9 minutes, even as Floyd called out “I can’t breathe.” Under the fierce leadership of Black organizers, the world rose up to demand justice for George Floyd, and for the countless other Black lives taken at the hands of killer cops. Protests erupted in Minneapolis and in cities all across the country and around the world, bringing thousands into the streets day after day. 

The significance of this uprising, however, reaches beyond spontaneous action. We should recognize and continue to support the ongoing organizing work leading the masses in the fight for concrete demands to improve conditions and advance the struggle for Black liberation. Groups like the National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression were already organizing around demands for community control of the police before the uprising last May, and they continue to do this important work today.

The Democrats have tried to co-opt the movement for justice for Black lives. During Chauvin’s trial, Nancy Pelosi called George Floyd a martyr. But George Floyd did not choose to become a symbol; he was murdered in cold blood. The Democrats pretend to be different from the Republicans when it comes to issues of police crimes and racist oppression. However, they have only offered the people empty gestures, like the designation of “Black Lives Matter Plaza” in Washington D.C., not accompanied by any real, concrete justice. Democrats and Republicans collude together in imperialist violence both at home and abroad. Rather than waiting for hollow offerings from these imperialist politicians, we must take action and continue to organize mass movements to honor those who have been taken from us as victims of U.S. imperialist violence.

We must make no mistake – the ONLY reason that Derek Chauvin was convicted is because the people rose up and demanded it. This movement victory was solely the result of the uprisings last May, and the sustained pressure from organizers going forward. 

And our work does not stop here. Just this year, we have also seen the murders of Adam Toledo, Daunte Wright, and Ma’Khia Bryant. We should follow the leadership of Black organizers who continue to organize in a sustained fight for the conviction of the other three killer cops involved in George Floyd’s murder, and for justice for all other Black and brown people murdered by the police. In line with this, ILPS-US commits to continued organizing work in solidarity with the fight for Black liberation.

We recognize that mass uprising and organizing is the driving force for change, and we have seen this not only in the struggle for Black liberation, but also in other national liberation struggles around the world. In the current moment, thousands across the country are rising up in solidarity with Palestine after Israel’s brutal attacks on Palestinians in Sheikh-Jarrah and the Al-Aqsa Mosque. U.S. police departments and the Israeli occupation forces are two sides of the same coin – both tools of imperialist aggression, they train together and share tactics of repression as they attempt to squash people’s resistance. 

In spite of this brutal repression, the world rose up for Black liberation last year, and rises up for Palestine today. Both struggles are ongoing, and it is the people, not the ruling class politicians, who continue to do the work for justice and for change. We have a duty to continue organizing in solidarity with national liberation struggles right here in the U.S., in Palestine, and around the world. 

We, ILPS-US, call on the people of the world to continue the anti-imperialist fight for the liberation of all oppressed peoples. We call for continued mobilization in solidarity with national liberation struggles, and we urge people to join organizations to sustain these movements in the struggle against police crimes and all forms of imperialist violence. 

We continue to stand in firm solidarity with Black organizers in their fight for justice for George Floyd and all the Black lives that have been taken by killer cops. Through collective resistance, mass mobilization, and organizing, we can win the fight for liberation. All power to the people!

Nakba – 73 Years of Resistance: ILPS US Supports the Palestinian People’s Liberation

In these times of militant and radical uprisings, the International League of Peoples’ Struggle stands in fervent solidarity and fights alongside the people of Palestine against Zionism and settler-colonialism. In the week leading up to the 73rd commemoration of the Nakba, ILPS US is resolute in its support of the Palestinian people and their liberation. 

On May 2, Israel’s Supreme Court ordered 40 residents of Sheikh Jarrah, a Palestinian neighborhood in East Jerusalem, be removed from their homes, which would subsequently be given to Israeli settlers. This is a direct act of ethnic cleansing and is in violation of international law. As Palestinians took the streets to protest these awful and illegal evictions, the Israeli Police and settler militias attacked worshippers at Al-Aqsa with rubber bullets and stun grenades during the holiest week of the year for Muslims. During this siege, 300 people were injured, 200 of whom have been hospitalized, culminating in Israeli settlers shouting celebratory chants that encourage the ethnic cleansing and death of Palestinians. In this period, there was also the murder of 16 year old Saeed Odeh in Nablus, who was shot and denied medical care. The last few weeks of mounting violence from the Israeli forces are emblematic of the 73 years of oppression at the hands of Zionist settlers and European colonizers in the region.

Seventy three years ago on May 15th, Zionists enacted a mass expulsion of indigenous Palestinians from their land. In 1948, 700,000 people were violently removed from their homes in cities like Haifa and Safad. 20,000 Palestinians were brutally murdered as they fought to keep their ancestral land. Today, Palestinians around the world mark this day as al-Nakba — the catastrophe.

Just in the last few days of protests, 53 Palestinians were murdered by Israeli airstrikes in Gaza. Two Palestinians were murdered in Al-Lydd. 14 children are included in the death toll and we say their names in remembrance: Ibrahim Al-Masry (11), Yazan Al-Masry, Marwan Al-Masry (6), Ibrahim Abdullah Hassanien (14), Hussein Muneer Hamad (10), Mohamed Suleiman, Mohamed Obeid (11), Mohammed Saber Ibrahim Suleiman (16), and Baraa’ Wissam Al-Gharably (4).

This is the horrific reality of Zionist settler colonialism, ethnic cleansing, and apartheid. Since 1948, the Israeli government has effectively imprisoned Palestinians in their own homeland, stripped them of their rights, and murdered them with impunity. 

This is not a simple two-sided conflict of differing views. We must choose either to side with the oppressor or the oppressed. As anti-imperialists living in the largest imperialist power in the world, we have a role to play in the liberation of Palestine. The struggle for liberation begins with solidarity with Palestine, and ends with tearing down imperialism. 

Palestine may be physically far from us, but the support system to the fascist Israeli state is at our front door. In the United States, there are countless institutions that bolster apartheid — from the Jewish National Fund that helps settlers colonize Palestine, to Hewlett-Packard that provides computers and technology to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).  The United States continues to provide the Israeli government with over $3 billion a year in military aid. That’s money taken from our pockets to commit flagrant human rights abuses.

On this commemoration of the 73rd Nakba, we remember the lives lost to apartheid, and we uphold the martyrs who gave their lives for liberation. We recommit to supporting Palestinian organizations and individuals who center day in and day out the liberation of their homeland. Today and every day, we chant, “Long Live Palestine!”

 End U.S. funding to Israel! 

Hands Off Sheikh Jarrah! 

From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be Free!

Return All Ancestral Land to Palestinians! 

Workers are Essential, Imperialists are Not! ILPS US May Day 2021 Statement

This International Workers’ Day, ILPS US rises up with working-class people in the United States and around the world in the struggle for livelihood, dignity and liberation.

In the second year of COVID-19, the people of the United States saw the start of a new regime under the Biden administration. While the masses around the world rejoiced over the defeat of Trump, the Biden administration is proving to be an imperialist wolf in sheep’s clothing, promising reform and change while the people continue to suffer. 

Even  with Trump out of office and a Democratic administration in power, workers bear the brunt of the pandemic, experiencing unemployment, health & safety hazards at the workplace, lack of access to basic needs, and state neglect. Workers continue to be exploited for super-profits, enriching the ruling class even more in an era of incredible economic devastation for the masses. The richest 1% of Americans gained over $7 trillion of wealth from the end of March to the end of December 2020, according to a more comprehensive study whose measures included real estate and privately held companies. Meanwhile, workers have died disproportionately from COVID-19, not having a choice but to go to work everyday. This inequality cuts across racial lines, with reports of Black Americans dying from COVID-19 at more than twice the rates of their white counterparts.

Though there are enough vaccines to fully vaccinate about 5% of the global population, the vaccine rollout around the world is lopsided with wealthy imperialist countries hoarding most of the vaccines. Even in the United States, class and racial inequality plague vaccine distribution, with harder hit, impoverished areas being vaccinated at a slower rate. 

Biden walks a trail of broken campaign promises, proving himself to be just as much of a treacherous war-monger as any other U.S. imperialist president. Even before issuing the people of the U.S. with paltry stimulus checks, which is far from the adequate economic relief that the masses deserve, Biden ordered an overseas missile strike on Syria, killing dozens of people and wasting millions of U.S. tax dollars to advance the militarist agenda of the United States overseas. He also backtracked on his promise to stop deportations, with 127,457 people deported as of March 15. Biden quietly continued Trump-era immigration policies and recently reached a deal with Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala to further militarize the southern border in order to deter migrants from entering the U.S. 

In the midst of this shift to a more “competent imperialism,” working-class and oppressed peoples’ movements rage on under the Biden administration. Amazon workers around the country are organizing against the corporate giant even after the union drive in Bessemer, Alabama was squashed by a million-dollar union busting campaign. The Black Lives Matter movement rages on—forcing the hand of the white supremacist, imperialist state to concede a guilty verdict for Derek Chauvin—and continues to raise demands for community control of the police and abolition. Around the world, mass struggles are pushing forward—Indian farmers are entering the sixth month of their general strike against harmful neoliberal, deregulatory laws; the recent uprising in Jerusalem of Palestinians is fighting the occupation of the Zionist state of the Israel; and the people of the Philippines are holding community pantries and mass actions in defiance of sheer government neglect and state repression under the Duterte regime. 

Everywhere, the people are rising up. This International Workers’ Day, we celebrate the profound power of the working class to challenge the exploitation and oppression of the global capitalist elite. We must continue to organize and mobilize to build the fighting capacity of a worker-led anti-imperialist movement that will liberate us all.

Continue the People’s Fight Regardless of Chauvin’s Verdict

As the nation anticipates the results of the Derek Chauvin trial, ILPS US remains committed to continue the people’s fight for genuine justice and accountability regardless of the verdict. There is no such thing as an “abuse of police power” as the police are inherently a violent and reactionary institution. The struggle for genuine justice, therefore, means to build people power against the white supremacist and imperialist system that relies on the police to subjugate and repress Black and Brown working-class people.

George Floyd’s murder by killer cop Derek Chauvin in 2020 reignited mass protests and uprisings which shook the foundations of this country and echoed throughout the globe, and forced the fascist state powers to reform its ways. Floyd’s killing comes from the U.S.’ long history of state repression and racism. Black slaves were private property and lynchings were the norm. With the current imperialist state, the police protect the interest of the capitalists and their property, and reign down terror with the murders of Breonna Taylor, Eric Garner, Elijah McClain, Tamir Rice and more still fresh on our minds. The wave of uprisings in their wake rose up in such a large force, it paved the way for the people’s defeat of the fascist Trump regime.

Chauvin’s trial is wrapping up and the pressure of the people’s movement has compelled even Minneapolis Police Chief Arradondo to testify that Chauvin’s knee to neck pinning of Floyd violated the department’s use-of-force policy. Though these may seem to be promising developments, let us not be fooled as the state’s forces are far more capable of knowing when to cut their losses and put the blame on “one bad apple” while preserving the integrity of the rest. Whether Chauvin gets convicted or not the judicial system is incapable of delivering real justice for the people and putting an end to the system’s own brutality. It is all a part of the infrastructure to protect the bourgeois ruling capitalist class and their property at all costs. The uprisings in Minneapolis forced the city to cut millions from the police budget but that didn’t stop officer Kimberly Potter from killing 20 year old Daunte Wright just a few days ago. 

When the wealthy capitalists steal billions by cutting corners, enslaving their workforce with low wages and no healthcare, forcibly displacing masses of people with their gentrification projects, poisoning our earth with their companies’ waste, and committing countless other heinous crimes, what punishment do they get? At best they get a slap on the wrist while most of the time, they’re actually rewarded with tax breaks or laid off with full compensation. They are the biggest threat to the world today yet the police are not gunning them down in the streets. 

State repression — whether it be in the form of police brutality of low income communities of color or outright voter suppression — is a tool of bourgeois democracy to keep the imperialists in power and the people subdued and deceived. As we celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Paris Commune, we take inspiration from the workers’ uniting to take over and self-govern for the benefit and protection of the majority. The International League of Peoples’ Struggle US Chapter calls on the people to rise up & demand community control of the police while organizing and linking struggles for the longer term vision of bringing this imperialist fascist system down and building towards a socialist future! In memory of 13 year old Adam Toledo killed by Chicago Police on March 29th and the countless other lives lost – their deaths will not be in vain, as they will serve as reminders that we must continue the fight!

Justice for George Floyd! Justice for All Victims of Police Terror! 

Community Control of the Police Now! 

Build People Power to Bring Down White Supremacy & Imperialism!

Stop the Attacks in the Philippines! Activism is Not Terrorism! ILPS US Statement on the Massacre & Murders in Southern Tagalog

ILPS US condemns the murderous attacks on activists in Southern Tagalog, Philippines. This gruesome state violence was carried out by the “Synchronized Enhanced Management of Police Operations” (SEMPO) between the Philippine National Police and Armed Forces of the Philippines. Nine activists were arrested, six were killed, and six others “escaped” in simultaneous raids on offices and homes of the activists based on 18 search warrants. Many of those killed and arrested were leaders of Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (BAYAN), members of ILPS.

ILPS US unites with BAYAN’s demands and, as a US-based alliance, we demand the following from the US government which is complicit in enabling and bankrolling the state terrorism and violent repression of activists in the Philippines:

1. We demand US Congress to immediately end all security assistance to the Philippines and stop funding these human rights violations with US tax dollars by reintroducing and passing the Philippine Human Rights Act. Learn more at

2. End all unequal military agreements with the Philippines, such as the Visiting Forces Agreement, that train killer cops and soldiers.

#JunkTerrorLaw #AbolishNTFELCAC #NoToRedTagging #StopTheKillingsPH #StopTheAttacks

ILPS Northeast Statement of Solidarity with the Workers of Hunts Point Produce Market

Last Sunday, on January 17, 2021, 1,400 workers at the Hunts Point Produce Market in The Bronx, New York, the largest wholesale produce market in the US, went on strike after negotiations for a new three-year contract broke down between their union, Teamsters Local 202, and management. The strike came after union negotiators fought for a $1/hour raise every year for the next three years and management countered with a 32 cent increase for 2021. Every year the market earns over $2 billion in revenue. 

Since the start of the pandemic the workers at the market, who handle 210 million pounds of produce a year and supply 60% of the city’s produce, have risked their lives every single day to perform the essential function of keeping the city fed. During this time 300 workers have contracted COVID-19, six of whom have died. In the words of one Hunts Point Market worker and Teamsters Local 202 member on the second day of the strike, “With the pandemic, we fought our fears to feed our families and feed the city. Now we are fighting for what we are worth.” 

On Monday night, while the Teamsters on the picket line blocked non-union, strike-breaking truck drivers from entering the facility, dozens of NYPD, some of them in riot gear, attacked the workers and arrested six people. While management turned to strikebreakers and to the police state in the pursuit of profit, these attacks only served to strengthen the resolve of the workers, who remained steadfast in their resistance. 

The workers’ militancy and unity inspired solidarity from fellow workers—including truck drivers and train operators—who refused to cross the picket line while the Teamsters continued to wage their struggle. When stopped by the picket line as he reached the market, one freight operator driving 21 train cars of produce from Ohio responded to the workers that he was also a Teamster, and immediately turned the train around. Teachers, nurses, and other sectors joined the workers in the picket line bringing food, hand warmers, and other items to help sustain the fight. The workers’ struggle gained such support and popularity that even Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spent inauguration day of the Biden-Harris administration alongside the workers instead of in Washington DC. 

Yesterday, January 23, 2021, on the seventh day of the strike, the 1,400 workers who are represented by Teamsters Local 202 voted to accept a new contract, bringing an end to the first strike at the Hunts Point Produce Market since 1986. The new contract includes a 70 cent raise for 2021, followed by 50 cents in 2022 and 65 cents in 2023, totaling $1.85 over three years, along with three extra paid days off. While the contract represents a compromise, the strike resulted in the largest raise won in the history of the union’s bargaining unit. 

At a time when workers across the country have suffered under increasingly dire economic, social and health crises under COVID, the example of the Hunts Point Produce Market workers and their indefatigable struggle is one that resounds deeply across all sectors of the working class. ILPS US Northeast applauds the militant struggle of the workers at Hunts Point Produce Market and all workers fighting for raises, hazard pay, health care, safe working conditions, and the right to organize. The only solution to both the fascism under the Trump regime and the neoliberal onslaught of the newly inaugurated Biden and the Democratic Party is militant worker power that disrupts the exploitative system which continues to benefit the wealthy at the expense of the poor. 

Power to the workers! Build anti-imperialist worker solidarity! Fight for Socialism!

Stop the Extremist Attacks of the Trump Regime and Its Supporters

ILPS US wholly condemns the recent right-wing assaults committed in Washington D.C by the extremist and bigoted supporters of the Trump regime. These attacks are a large-scale reflection of the continuation of right-wing protests that have been occurring all year long. Each attack only emboldens its base, leading to the dramatic uptick in fascist activity on the local, national, and international level that we see today. We reaffirm our commitment to combating both right-wing violence and rising state fascism by advancing internationalist and anti-imperialist solidarity. 

As support for the Trump regime dwindles, and more factions of the imperialist US government distance themselves from the attacks on the 2020 presidential election, Trump and his supporters have resorted to outright lies to stoke right-wing populism amongst the masses. They do this by blaming their rival pro-Biden factions, and obscuring the fact that their imperialist economic and political system has created the crises that the masses face today. The Trump regime has backed itself into a corner. Trump and his small group of institutional supporters now represent a mafia-style clique that no longer has institutional power to enact its agenda and has resorted to seeking protection through the granting of presidential pardons. 

The Trump ruling clique is losing control of the US imperialist state, the control center of fascist state violence. The full capacity of this violence has been brutally unleashed against genuine peoples’ movements who fight for liberation from oppression and exploitation here in the US and abroad. The ongoing right-wing violence does not target the US imperialist state. These demonstrations are reactionary in character, and cannot be conflated with genuine democratic peoples’ protests.  Instead of presenting a genuine alternative to the crisis-ridden imperialist system, the ringleaders seek to maintain the unhinged power of the Trump regime because they share its violent, racist ideology. 

The hypocrisy of the US imperialist state is glaring: broad peoples’ movements such as Black and Indigenous struggles; national liberation movements including Palestine and the Philippines; and countries asserting independence such as Venezuela and others are met with the militarized brutality of the state, while the ongoing attacks in Washington D.C have been met with muted passivity. The same voices that demand law and order from oppressed peoples across the nation have fallen silent in response to the violent supporters of the Trump regime’s ruling clique. Not surprisingly, they are also the same voices who support regime change, sanctions and US military aggression on foreign soil. 

ILPS US calls on all its members organizations and supporters to strengthen and defend our anti-imperialist united front, especially as the US imperialist state uses Trump-backed right-wing extremism to further militarize its repression of genuine peoples’ movements. We must expand our tactical tools to defend our movements from the bigoted and fascist violence of state and non-state actors. We must oppose attempts to use this attack as an excuse to enact new laws or broaden existing policies that repress people’s struggles that are asserting genuine social and economic justice. US imperialism and its reactionary foot soldiers are the greatest enemy of the people across the globe. As the veneer of democracy continues to crumble and state violence and repression heightens, we must build the strongest possible united front against imperialism and all reaction.  

Defend Peoples Struggle!

Down with US Imperialism!

Long Live International Solidarity!

ILPS Stands in Solidarity with Palestinian Activist Nerdeen Kiswani & Within Our Lifetime Against Zionist Attacks #WeStandWithNerdeen

As the International League of Peoples’ Struggle US chapter, we firmly stand against and condemn the Zionist smear campaign launched by Michael Rapaport and his Zionist cronies against our Palestinian comrades from Within Our Lifetime, a member organization of ILPS. They have circulated a video of Within Our Lifetime’s chairperson Nerdeen Kiswani speaking out against Israel and subjected this comrade to a flurry of online attacks, twisting her remarks as antisemitic and threatening to get her expelled from CUNY Law School, where she currently studies. 

The video mentions neither Jewish people nor Judaism—only the Israeli settler-state. We reject the lie that the fight against Zionism is antisemitic and stand along side our comrades in declaring that Zionism itself is antisemitic. From the beginnings of the creation of the illegal state of Israel, Jews have stood with Palestine and against the occupation. Furthermore, painting the fight against Zionism as antisemitic invisibilizes the many Palestinian Jews which have lived in Palestine for centuries before Israel even existed and who have fought against the occupation of Palestine. In fact, we acknowledge that Palestinian resistance is justified because of illegal occupation.

The IDF is a fascist institution which has violated the human rights of Palestinians in order to continue to uphold Zionism and the illegal settler colony of Israel. The flag of Israel represents the millions of displaced Palestinians, waiting and fighting to return home. To uphold these symbols as symbols of freedom and truth is a lie and turns a blind eye to the genocide currently taking place. We also recognize that the roots of Zionism are in the global system that is imperialism—especially U.S. imperialism.

Because of this, ILPS US stands firmly with Palestinians in their fight for their liberation and the right to return. As an anti-imperialist alliance, we firmly oppose all forms of imperialism, including Zionism. We stand with Within Our Lifetime as they expose the truth about the Israeli settler occupation and bravely oppose it. We stand with their chairperson, Nerdeen Kiswani, as she faces vicious personal attacks from Zionists trying to expel her from a public law school that remains one of the most progressive in NYC. We need more peoples’ lawyers and law students like Nerdeen, ready to defend those seeking their liberation and basic human rights. 

#WeStandWithNerdeen #FreePalestine #DefendPalestine #WithinOurLifetime