OUR RESISTANCE MUST GROW STRONGER, Trump Regime’s Lies Can’t Hide the Capitalist Crisis, Nor Its Role in Worsening It

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The expletives used by Donald Trump to describe Haiti and African countries can be better and more accurately used to describe the last year of the Trump administration, and its role in exacerbating the crisis of imperialism in the US and across the world.

While the crisis and attacks on the people did not begin with Donald Trump, the Trump presidency has indeed further demonstrated the irreconcilable contradiction between a for-profit ruling system driven by billionaires and white supremacists on one hand, and the working class along with other oppressed communities — especially people of color, immigrants, and Muslims — on the other.

Throughout its first year and in the State of the Union address, the Trump administration has consistently deceived the American people as it desperately tries to hide the worsening crisis of capitalism and escalating fascism. It blames immigrants, Black and Brown people, Muslims, women, youth, and the poor for the social impacts of the crisis such as joblessness, displacement, and economic hardship, when the actual root cause is capitalism itself, which Donald Trump, the profiteer-in-chief, represents. It justifies its racist and fascist attacks on the people — wars of aggression, ICE raids, detentions, militarization of the police and police brutality — with false narratives around national security, Islamophobia, and terrorism.

Covering Up a Worsening Crisis

But no amount of lies spewed from the Trump administration can hide the burden caused by the crisis and felt by the people. The Trump administration cannot hide the fact that tens of millions in the American labor force have simply given up looking for work because they cannot find jobs. It cannot hide the fact that wages for American workers have stagnated despite higher labor productivity and inflated costs of commodities. It cannot hide the fact that post-graduate degree holders are among the growing contingent of society mired in 6-figure debt and forced to rely on public assistance programs. It cannot hide the fact that more and more Black and Brown people in the US are either being killed by the police in the streets or forced into labor in US prisons. It cannot hide the fact that immigrants and refugees are dying on our border, facing unspeakable brutality from law enforcement, and super-exploitation in the workplace despite contributing billions to the US economy and to society in general.

The Trump administration also cannot keep making excuses for its blatant wars of terror against innocent people overseas for imperialist plunder and hegemony. It cannot keep using racism and xenophobia to justify the now 16-year long US-led war in Afghanistan, the continued bombings in Syria and Yemen, and the military threats to North Korea, Venezuela, Iran, and other countries that Trump views as an opposing force to white supremacy and US imperialism. Just like the Obama administration, the Trump administration attempts to justify these dirty imperialist wars and military threats under the banner of national security and anti-terror. The Trump administration has used these lies to justify a $700 billion defense budget: the largest military budget in US history. By placing such a priority on military funding, Trump has further exacerbated the growing capitalist crisis that assaults the working class. The US cannot continue to hide behind its claims of strengthening national security when it continues to fail to provide jobs, accessible education, and healthcare for working people. We must expose the US wars of terror for what they really are. Far from creating security, these US-led and US-backed wars only serve to murder innocent people, displace thousands, adding to a growing refugee crisis, and wreak havoc on the economies of the countries being attacked, all in the name of imperialism, capitalist greed, and white supremacy.

Our Resistance Must Grow Stronger

The Trump administration also cannot hide the fact that the people have protested and resisted  since its first day. It cannot hide the fact that it is vehemently condemned, detested, and isolated by the American people. It cannot hide that it emboldens people’s resistance and movements for social and national liberation.

When Trump announced his plans for a Muslim ban just one week after his inauguration, the people fought back and held mass actions, shutting down international travel at US airports across the country. When the US launched an attack on Syria in April, firing with nearly 60 missiles that killed over 80 innocent civilians, the people fought back as protesters across the globe demanded that the US take their hands off Syria. Later in the year, when Trump threatened nuclear war with the DPRK, the people of Korea stood their ground, asserting their right to self-defense and self-determination, while many across the US and elsewhere protested in international solidarity against Trump’s reckless, violent, imperialist threats. In August ILPS-US, international member organizations, and allies joined over 300 participants from frontline struggles around the world at the “Solidarity & Fight Back!” conference and mobilization to resist US-led war, militarism, and neo-fascism and rebuild the anti-imperialist war movement.  And just last month when Trump declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel, the people fought back around the world demanding an end to both the Zionist occupation and the Israeli settler-colonial regime.

While the people have demonstrated time and again that it will stand up and fight back against the violence, racism, xenophobia, and imperialism that defines Trump’s administration, we cannot stop building our resistance here. The people must broaden and strengthen its ranks to further isolate the Trump administration and take advantage of the intensifying contradictions within the ruling monopoly capitalist class. It must draw its strength from the grassroots and unite others toward dealing the biggest blows to the ruling system. It must wage class struggle and take down the ruling capitalist class that fails again and again to support the needs of working people. The people must unite to demand an end to the US imperialist hegemony which has continually fueled the growing capitalist crisis that burdens the working class, immigrants, and people of color. We must continue to build international solidarity and struggle together until we have smashed capitalism, white supremacy, imperialism, and all other forces that stand in the way of liberation.


Link Arms Against Racism and Raise the Call Against Imperialism!

ILPS US links in solidarity with the recent protests by professional athletes against racism, police brutality, and the openly white supremacist politics of US President Donald Trump.

This growing waves of resistance, initiated by former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s refusal to stand for the US National Anthem, represents a rupture in the carefully managed landscape of patriotic American culture.


In a courageous show of solidarity, players, coaches, and staff across the NFL, WNBA, NBA, and MLB have engaged in highly visible demonstrations on the field. Instead of silencing dissent, Trump’s offensive threats that protesting athletes should be fired have only multiplied it. Hostile capitalist bosses like Trump completely disregard the historical fact that it is the workers who built this country, and it is the workers who can tear it down and build a new society. The world of American sports, which has traditionally served as a propaganda platform for the US military and corporations, is proving to be a powerful, far reaching platform for resistance against a government which attacks its own peopleWe should be cautious of these protests being co-opted or watered down by the participation of the sports team owners, some of whom even donated to the Trump campaign.

The protests of professional athletes have historically marked critical points in US and world politics and inspired many to join the struggles against racism and imperialist war. The 1968 Mexico City olympics, where Tommie Smith and John Carlos iconically raised their fists in the Black Power salute, as well as Muhammad Ali’s famous statements against the Vietnam war (“No Vietnamese ever called me a nigger”) represent important moments of international solidarity.

These demonstrations in the world of sports correspond with ongoing people’s struggles against police brutality in the streets of cities across the US, such as St. Louis, where police brutally repressed protests regarding the non-indictment of a white officer who killed a black man, then claimed self defense. Upon inspection, only the officer’s DNA was found on the pistol supposedly carried by the victim, leading many to believe the weapon was planted.

ILPS US applauds all participating in these historic protests in the face of repression and calls on peoples and communities across the US to raise their critique of President Trump and police brutality to a critique of the United States as a whole, a nation built on genocide and slavery, dedicated to the imperialist domination of the entire world. 

As the athletes demonstrated, the only way to challenge a deeply entrenched oppressive system is by oppressed people standing in solidarity with each other and fighting for a new world!

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Presentation: Prospects for Building a Broad International United Front Against Imperialism

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A presentation by Bernadette Ellorin, who sits on the ILPS International Coordinating Committee, originally presented at the October Revolution Centennial in New York City.



Let Charlottesville Advance the Mass Movement Against Trump and Hate!!!


The US Chapter of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle vehemently condemns the violent aggression unleashed by white supremacists, the Ku Klux Klan, and the Charlottesville police on anti-racist demonstrators in Charlottesville, Virginia last Saturday that led to at least one death and dozens injured.

We applaud and join the continuing struggle in the South and across the US to fight the current wave of white supremacist groups emboldened by the hate and racist rhetoric of the Trump administration. We condemn the Trump administration for creating the climate favorable for the Ku Klux Klan, the Alt-Right, Neo-Nazis and other white supremacist groups to obtain permits in order to organize their own parades in Charlottesville and other cities.

The lessons of Charlottesville reinforce the lessons of Ferguson, Baltimore, and all other US cities where police killings of Black people and other racist attacks are handled with impunity– that the US financial oligarchy continues to be white supremacist at its core and uses the militarized police state as an extension of chattel slavery to suppress and divide the working class along racial lines and profit off the suppression and incarceration of black and brown bodies.


Delusional Ruling Class

The ruling 1% (aka financial oligarchy) with Trump at its head is just as delusional as the frustrated racist and xenophobic white workers it panders for it believes it can keep the US working class rage at bay despite the worsening economic crisis caused by monopoly capitalism in the US. It is the same monopoly capitalism birthed from the backs of African chattel slaves in the US; the same monopoly capitalism that feeds itself through wars of aggression and militarism overseas for control of territories, markets, and natural resources because it is in crisis.

The Trump administration continues to fail the American people despite its arrogant pronouncements and its attempt to win over the working class. Because it continues to cling onto neoliberal economic policies that enforce privatization and deregulation, the Trump administration has failed to create jobs. It has failed to provide healthcare and access to education for working families. It has failed to solve the worsening housing crisis. It has failed to resolve the rising debt working families are facing. It continues to fail the working class in favor of ensuring super-profits for the ruling class by privatizing the public commons, and ensuring the rule of billionaires who control the US Congress.

These fanatics unabashedly believe they can steal public funds from social programs and funnel $639 billion in US tax dollars for war production with the approval of the American people. They attempt to divert our attention by feeding us lies from the media that terrorists such as ISIS and so-called dictators like Kim Jong-un of North Korea and Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela are the real enemies and therefore must be met with military aggression and intervention. As long as we believe that Muslims, immigrants, and Black people are to blame for the impacts of the crisis in the US, the greedy 1% bandits are absolved from their accountability to the working class for generating the crisis.


History’s Lessons

As history proves, delusions can only go so far. The objective impacts of the crisis cannot be covered up and blamed on others.

The protests calling out the rottenness of this system are expanding to other parts of the US rapidly, and the people’s outrage from brutal attacks like Charlottesville only fan the fire. The people are proving that solidarity grows despite the intensifying repression and tactics of the racist police state. ILPS member organizations in the US are amongst those joining the ongoing demonstrations and actions.

Our justified outrage over Charlottesville, the murder of Heather Heyer at the hands of white supremacy, the systemic extrajudicial killings of black and brown people, the military-industrial complex, the prison-industrial complex, the increase in ICE raids, immigrant detention and deportations will all lead to greater strength and unity of the US working class across racial, religious, and ethnic lines in the movement against Trump and the ruling 1%. We must join forces with our sisters and brothers across the globe to bring down US imperialism!


We Stand with Muslims and Immigrants! No Deportations! No Wall! Ban Trump & Fascism!


January 30, 2017

References: Berna Ellorin, ILPS-US, berna.ellorin@gmail.comBill Doares, ILPS-US, nosigui@yahoo.comLyn Meza, ILPS-US, acongo@aol.com

We Stand with Muslims and Immigrants!

No Deportations! No Wall! Ban Trump & Fascism!

The US Chapter of the International League of Peoples Struggle (ILPS-US) calls on its member organizations to join and fully participate in the mass actions across the US in major international airports where immigrants and Muslims are being detained and all other mass actions protesting President Trump’s abuse of executive powers against the people.

US imperialist-led wars of aggression, destabilization, and neoliberal economic policies under both Democratic and Republican administrations are the root of the global refugee crisis and the forced migration of the world’s unemployed from plundered countries. Yet at the same time, the purveyors of the global crisis of monopoly capitalism, led by US imperialism, turn to scapegoatism and criminalization of those most victimized by the crisis —  the tens of millions of displaced peoples from war-torn and/or impoverished countries — further aggravating the social and economic crisis.

The countries identified in Trump’s travel ban are all countries that the US has bombed, militarized, wrecked, or launched other forms of imperialist aggression in order to control of the region’s vast oil deposits, natural resources and maintain its global hegemony.

The Trump regime is backed by large monopoly oil profiteers who gained immensely from the last Bush regime’s invasion of Iraq. It may well be using islamophobia to provoke a crisis that could “justify” yet another oil war, possibly targeting Iran. The recent Trump-ordered Navy SEAL raid against Al-Qaida in Yemen, resulting in dozens of casualties of both combatants and civilians, as well as the move of the US embassy in Tel Aviv to Israeli-occupied Palestine can be seen in this context.

The wall that Trump is projecting to build on the US-Mexican border has its origins back with the US Congress as early as 2006, with The Secure Fence Act that received bi-partisan support, including from then-Democratic Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. The post-9/11 war on immigrants under the Bush administration was continued under the Obama Administration with the unprecedented deportation of over 2 millions immigrants from the US– more than any other administration in history. Present Trump is threatening to continue and intensify this repression against undocumented workers, as well as threatening cities across the US who offer sanctuary to undocumented workers and refugees.

More than ever, it is only through solidarity and unity of the entire US working class– across racial, religious, and ethnic lines– that we can stop these attacks.

The strength of the protests and volume of the people’s outcry, as well as the positive stand of local governmental leaders around the country, have forced the federal judiciary to temporarily block the deportations. But even in the face of this victory of the people, the Trump administration exposes its arrogance by declaring the travel ban will stay in place. But Trump’s tyranny will not faze our resistance. It will in fact, do the opposite. As our solidarity for our Muslim and immigrant sisters and brothers is unconditional, our resistance only grows stronger with every repressive tactic, every attempt to stop us.

We will not be subdued.

The International League of Peoples Struggle, or ILPS, is an anti-imperialist and democratic formation promoting, supporting, and developing the anti-imperialist and democratic struggles of the peoples of the world, including workers, women, youth, professionals, and other sectors of society against the ideological, political, military, social, and cultural domination and attacks of imperialism and reaction. With members spanning 6 continents in over 40 countries, the ILPS is the largest global formation of its kind. For more information, visit ilps.info.


Resistance is the Only Way Forward!


January 20, 2017

Contacts:  Berna Ellorin, ILPS-US, berna.ellorin@gmail.com,  Bill Doares, ILPS-US, nosigui@yahoo.com

Resistance is the Only Way Forward!

Resist Trump, Oligarchical Rule, Neo-Fascism, and War;

Unite to Smash Imperialism, Fight for Liberation, Build a Better Alternative!

As the new face of US imperialism is set to take office this January 20th, the broad masses of workers and the oppressed in the US are taking to the streets in protest. The US Chapter of the International League of Peoples Struggle (ILPS-US) remains steadfastly committed to building and strengthening the broad united front against imperialism from within the borders of the US. As the economic and social crisis in the US is set to worsen under a Trump presidency, the people’s resolve to resist monopoly capitalism and fight for a better alternative grows stronger.

Worsening Crisis and War: at Home and Abroad

As crisis is endemic to monopoly capitalism, the global economic crisis is set to worsen under a Trump presidency, most especially the crisis felt inside the US.

Trump’s appointments of his cronies to the US Cabinet, with a cumulative net worth of $14 billion, overtly exposes the oligarchic and reactionary character of US government. Each of his Cabinet appointments are millionaires and billionaires have little to no experience in public service and/or a demonstratively neoliberal policy agenda to intensify impoverishment and dispossession on the working class and oppressed peoples inside the US for the sake of securing the interests and superprofits of the US financial oligarchy.

To secure more superprofits, US monopoly capitalism will continue to aggressively expand itself as a global hegemonic power over the world’s raw materials, territories, markets, and peoples through greater war and militarism abroad. In order to achieve total seizure and control over the world’s natural resources such as oil and gold, US monopoly capitalism must rely on pumping up its military industrial complex to crush and annihilate national and social liberation movements abroad. A prime target is the Palestinian liberation movement and all nations of West Asia, including Syria, Iraq, Iran and Yemen who are fighting to secure the world’s largest oil deposits for the benefit of the peoples in the region. It must unleash endless war and militarism on the peoples of Asia, Africa, and Latin America fighting to defend the sovereignty and patrimony of their nations. It must impoverish other nations through war and neoliberal economic policies that channel cheap labor from poor nations to the US in search of a means of survival.

Currently, it must encircle and contain its competitors, Russia and China, by fanning the flames of propaganda, such as the CIA-orchestrated campaign to direct popular anger away from the ruling class and towards Russia. Both Democrats and Republicans have joined in the Hate Russia chorus, which aims to promote another imperialist war.

We won’t fall for it.

Fascism is Imperialism in Decay

To maintain its empire, US monopoly capitalism must deeply divide the working and oppressed peoples inside the US. It must rely on the historical structures of white supremacy, racism, and slavery built by capitalism to drive deep racial divisions among the people. It must sow xenophobia and Islamophobia to place the blame on immigrants and Muslims for the impacts of the crisis caused by capitalism.

It must use the corporate media as a tool to propagate this culture of division, and as an extension of its war and militarism abroad, it must beef up the militarization of the police, ICE, and other domestic state forces to suppress dissent and resistance as the crisis worsens.

The rise of neo-fascism across Europe and now more overtly under a Trump presidency indicates the untenable character of monopoly capitalism and the US ruling class. As the crisis worsens and the capitalist system sinks, the financial oligarchy must cling to power through violent suppression of the people. Fascist tactics set to worsen under Trump include the beefing up of the surveillance state, the criminalization of dissent, including international solidarity for national liberation struggles abroad against imperialism, political imprisonment and mass incarceration of the poor, including the detention and deportation of immigrants.

Liberation Rests on the Strength of the Broad Anti-Imperialist United Front

While waging life and death struggle for liberation, the peoples of the world have identified imperialism as their principal enemy and are uniting across borders through the spirit of international solidarity. The US Chapter of the International League of Peoples Struggle is contributing to the strengthening of a broad anti-imperialist movement from within the borders of the US to link with the broader anti-imperialist united front around the world.

Unity is key in resisting a Trump presidency and all it will unleash. Working class solidarity must be forged across racial, religious, and ethnic lines. We must not lose sight of the real enemy that wants to divide us here at home, and blind us from what it is doing to our sisters and brothers in other countries.

We are one with the striking workers in the workplaces, the indigenous peoples confronting the multinational corporations, the freedom-fighters battling US proxy armies and peoples armies waging people’s war for liberation. We are inspired that in waging struggle, the people are building concrete pro-people alternatives to capitalism all over the world.

We know our struggles are connected and that we have a world to win.

We know that a united resistance is the only way forward.

The International League of Peoples Struggle, or ILPS, is an anti-imperialist and democratic formation promoting, supporting, and developing the anti-imperialist and democratic struggles of the peoples of the world, including workers, women, youth, professionals, and other sectors of society against the ideological, political, military, social, and cultural domination and attacks of imperialism and reaction. With members spanning 6 continents in over 40 countries, the ILPS is the largest global formation of its kind. For more information, visit ilps.info.


Build the Broad United Front vs. Trump and Fascism


November 12, 2016

Reference: Berna Ellorin, ILPS-US, berna.ellorin@gmail.com

Build the Broad United Front vs. Trump and Fascism

A Call for Unity and Action

 The International League of Peoples Struggles in the US (ILPS-US) congratulates and is inspired by the sheer hundreds of thousands that have taken to the streets immediately following the announcement of the Presidential win of Donald Trump. This indicates the people in the United States are not paralyzed by our fear, nor are we willing to tolerate fascism and state repression. We must organize to ensure this fight back movement is sustained and advanced.

The electoral results unmask the gravity of the social and economic crisis in the United States, the deep-seated slave-owner mentality still dominant with the ruling class, and the gains of the divide and conquer tactics unleashed on by the people in the USto blur and diffuse the reality of class struggle and to protect the wealthiest in this country.

While it is understandable that oppressed communities in the US are concerned and fearful of the fascism, heightened racism and xenophobia in store with a Trump presidency, the people must work to unite in collective action not only for our defense, but for our liberation from a rotten global and domestic system that as it decays, becomes more repressive and divisive. This includes organizing a movement to fight back and undo a Trump presidency.

The working class, including the working class whites, and oppressed peoples of the US, have long felt the brunt and burden of a system that continuously denies us security, livelihood, jobs, development, peace, and justice. While the people grow more desperate, the ruling class, with the government and corporate media as their tools, plays with us like chess pieces, pitting usagainst each other, creating fake enemies based on race and religion for the people to direct their class anger towards, while hiding the real cause of class exploitation and national oppression in the US—the crisis of the monopoly capitalist system itself and its adherence to neoliberalism.

The face of neoliberal attacks in the US appears not only as the dominance of the Wall Street, outsourcing of jobs and major industries, austerity measures and harmful cutbacks in the public sector, but as militarization, police terror, mass incarceration, deportation, displacement, raids, and other forms of state repression as well. While undocumented workers, Black people, Chicano and Latino people, indigenous peoples, Muslims and Arabs face harsh discrimination and repression by the state, the entire working class in the US, of which these communities are integral to, faces rising hardship, joblessness, homelessness, hunger, lack of access to healthcare, education, and social services. It is this very class oppression against us that must unite us.

The reality of a Trump presidency and its aggravation of the worsening crisis in the US provides excellent conditions for organizing a broad united front against Trump and fascism, as well as bold collective action. The work of uniting and organizing the broadest ranks of those impacted by neoliberalism is one

we must duly undertake in order to defend our communities and build a viable mass movement that can change the status quo.

History shows us it is the parliament of the streets, not the parliament of the state, that determines change.

Let us also be inspired by the solidarity of those rising up every day in countries attacked by US imperialism through wars of aggression, military occupation, counter-insurgency, and neoliberal economic subjugation. From the mothers and fathers laying their bodies in front of military tanks, to those braving the water cannons and police batons aimed at the picket lines, to those engaged in armed struggle in the countryside, those amongst the poorest in the world standing up to the biggest corporations and mercenary armies to defend their lands, peoples growing resistance worldwide remains undaunted by reactionary state power, as must ours.